About Me

Hi! Welcome to Wendoes.com

I’m Andrew Walsh, a Second-Year student at the University of Virginia, studying Computer Science and Math.

I grew up in Dominica , a small but beautiful island in the middle of the Caribbean. My father is a Dive Instructor and a professional Photographer, and has taught me his trades. I learnt how to Scuba-Dive when I was 10 years old,  and really got into underwater photography in the last couple of years.

Now, inspired by the beauty at UVa, I’m trying my hand at topside photography, and posting my efforts here!

If you are interested in buying photos or contacting me, you can do so at andrewbwalsh11@gmail.com


I’d like to say thanks to my father for teaching me photography.
You can see some of his work here, at

I’d also like to thank my mother, who is a website developer, and helped me in building this site. delphis.dm